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About Our School


Notre Dame Elementary School has grown from its humble roots in 1934 as St. Matthew’s Parochial School to the beacon of academic excellence known throughout the Pocono Region and beyond.  In 2011 Notre Dame Elementary moved to the high school campus atop Highland Avenue to create the Notre Dame Campus for grades PK-12.


Notre Dame Elementary School received its Middle States Accreditation for its 20th year. It also has one of the few Montessori Pre-Schools programs in Monroe County as well as an all-day kindergarten.  Standards at Notre Dame remain high due to the caring, qualified, and certified faculty who receive ongoing professional and staff development that meets standards set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


Under the leadership of our Principal, Sister Dorothy Kibler, I.H.M. students receive an education that is based on creative problem solving strategies.  During the day the students may attend classes in our fully equipped computer lab, have access to their personal Chromebook, attend art, music, and physical education classes. 

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